Frequently Asked Questions



Where are you training and how do I get there?
You can find us every Wednesday at 20:00 in St Francis Centre, St Francis road, Bristol, BS3 1JP. Our place offers both parking and cycle storage. The nearest bus stop is Greenway Bush Lane on North Street, served by First Bus Bristol, bus #24. Feel free to contact us on Facebook in case you need further help to find us.

What are your current rules regarding COVID-19?


Indoor training with adults from multiple households IS ALLOWED when following these precautions:

  • Any person attending the class must undergo a self-assessment for any COVID-19 symptoms. They should not come to the venue if they have any COVID symptoms.

  • Hand sanitisers/hand washing should be done on arrival.

  • Limit use of changing rooms and other shared facilities as much as possible.

  • Each person should have 3 m2 of space. We could have up to 12 people in the large hall at any given time. Masks are not required.

  • Sparring, and direct physical contact to be avoided. Pad work is allowed on the condition that pad holders wear masks and pads are not shared.

  • Equipment should not be shared between people.

  • The room should be well ventilated.

  • Everyone bring their own water.

  • Register must be kept for 21 days in case of track and trace requirement.

These rules have been informed by the BCCMA’s guidelines and will remain in force until further notice.

Can I just turn up to a class?


Of course! Beginners are always welcome. Feel free to come and try one of our group classes, which run on Wednesday evenings at 20:00. Your first session is free, which will give you a chance to meet others, ask questions and see if you like the style. We are confident that you will find everyone to be friendly and knowledgeable and the classes to be a great learning environment.

Feel free to drop-in. There is no need to book it in advance.

What should I normally wear?


Wear comfortable training clothes, allowing free movement: loose comfortable trousers or shorts, a T-shirt and flat comfortable shoes or trainers.

What else do I need to start?


Just bring your energy, a good dose of curiosity and a bottle of water to hydrate at half-time and at the end of every session.

How much are the school's fees?


Our current fees* are detailed below.

- Group class (90 minutes session), drop-in price

£ 10.00

- Group class (90 minutes session), monthly rate

£ 35.00

- Private class (60 minutes session)

£ 20.00

- British Council of Chinese Martial Arts Associate Membership

  (per year)

£ 25.00


After 2 (two) months of attendance, it is advisable to buy associate membership to BCCMA (British Council of Chinese Martial Arts) through our school (this membership includes insurance in case of injury).

Where can I get your uniform and how much does it cost?


After attending for two months, trial members must become fully-insured members. If you decided to commit to train in our school, it is also advisable that you buy and wear our school's uniform. Current prices are shown below.

Yee's Hung Ga Bristol Standard Uniform (required)
- Yellow T-shirt (1 unit, any size) £ 15.00
- Training black trousers (1 unit, any size) £ 15.00
- Sash (1 unit) £ 5.00
Accessories (optional)
- Sparring gloves (pair) £ 20.00
- Sparring head guard (1 unit, any size) £ 20.00
- Dit Da Jow (chinese bruise medicine) £ 10.00

How can I contact you or get more details?


If after reading this section you still need to contact us for any reason, you can check our Facebook page or get in touch with Sifu Jim at your convenience on 07542 065733.

Do I need to be fit or flexible?


There is a range of fitness levels and abilities in our classes. You will naturally move forward at your own pace. You don't need to be particularly fit or flexible to start learning Hung Ga, but you will find that your fitness, health, and vitality naturally improve if you commit to a regular training schedule. Stretches are also part of our class but we do not focus on flexibility. We don't focus on high kicks or gymnastics.

Is it too late for me? Am I too old? 


No! It is never too late to start. It may be too late to become the next Wong Fei Hung, but you will always benefit from our training. Just turn up to a class and see for yourself. Remember, your first session is free!