News & Updates


Winter / Spring 2022: Schedule updates


Important updates regarding our schedule for the following months.

We will be training as usual, every Wednesday at 20:00 with some exceptions.


There will be no group classes on the following dates:

- March: Wednesday 2nd and 9th;

- April: Wednesday 20th (Easter break).


After the Easter holiday, our group classes are due to re-start on Wednesday 27th April 2022 at 20:00 pm. For more details, you can always contact us on our Facebook page. See you all soon!

August 2021: All ready for our next level. One step (and kick) at a time


As planned, we have resumed our group classes on 18th August 2021 and we will keep training on a weekly basis, every Wednesday evening at 20:00.

You are always welcome to join us! Remember, your first session is free!


Start working today to become the very best version of yourself.

The right time is now!


Check here how to find us. More details on our F.A.Q. and on our Facebook page.

Summer 2021: Recess dates


With weather improving and sunny days finally back, it is time to enjoy a refreshing summer break. This year, we have decided it will be four weeks long.


Therefore, there will be no training sessions on the following dates: Wednesday 21st and 28th July; 4th and 11th August.


We will resume our group classes on Wednesday 18th August 2021 at 20:00.

In the meantime, enjoy your summer, keep training and continue working tirelessly to become the very best you can be. See you all soon!

July 2021: We're definitely back... Big thanks from Yee's Hung Ga Bristol!


We all know how challenging this last year has been. It has also been a great opportunity to meditate about what matters most, to focus on our present, to reassess our priorities, to make healtier lifestyle choices and to appreciate what is often taken for granted.


Under this new light, it couldn't be and feel other than absolutely great to be able to train together again during these last couple of months. Both our system and school have always been based on hard work, strong bonds and great respect among students and our entire lineage, but it has now become crystal clear that together we are and generate so very much more than what can be achieved individually. This powerful insight has been felt by every one of us. We now feel stronger, healthier and why not, happier. Thank you all so very much for your invaluable presence and support. In other words, for making it happen!

June 2021: Yee's Hung Ga Bristol Branch re-opening!


We have now re-opened our school in line with Step 3 of Government's roadmap for the easing of lockdown, which began on 17th May 2021.

Step 3 allows the return of organised indoor adult sport and physical activity subject to sport-specific guidance. Training sessions have therefore resumed every Wednesday at 20:00.


No physical contact is allowed yet, so classes will include warm-up, fitness, stance training, forms, drills, etc.

All students should wait outside St. Francis Centre respecting social distancing rules. We encourage everyone to get changed before their arrival. Face covers / masks are not compulsory as the place is well ventilated. Check all our rules here.


So... what are you waiting for?


It has never been so obvious that today is the most important day of our lives. Whether you have always dreamt about learning Kung Fu or are just curious about our system, don't leave it for another time.


Come join us and start working today to become who you want to be!

November 2020: Second lockdown update


Following new national restrictions introduced from 05/11/2020, we have suspended classes until further notice. As usual, updates will be available on this website and on our Facebook page.


Thanks for your support. Stay safe.

October 2020: Our facilities are open again for training sessions every Wednesday at 20:00.


In line with current Government guidelines regarding COVID-19 for Alert Level 1 (Medium), our group classes will be limited to six (6) people of which five (5) students per training session. Advance booking is therefore recommended.


We will observe social distancing at all times (no physical contact / no sparring / no two person drills). Classes will include warm-up, Qi Gong, fitness and forms training.

March 2020: Coronavirus (COVID-19) update


Due to the current Goverment recommendations in relation to COVID-19, we have made the decision to suspend classes until further notice. We will keep this decision under review. Please keep an eye on our website or our Facebook page for updates.

We hope to be training together again soon. Thanks for your support.

March 2020: Group classes have resumed on Wednesday 4 March 2020 as planned and will continue to happen on a weekly basis every Wednesday evening at St. Francis Centre at 20:00.

You are welcome to join us!

Check here how to find us.

January 2020: Due to some important repairs that will be taking place during the month of February in St Francis Centre, our new training space, the school will be on a break.


Our classes are due to re-start on Wednesday 4 March 2020 at 20:00 pm. 

Use this time to keep training and come back with more energy in March!

See you all soon!


Yee's Hung Ga Kung Fu Bristol moves to a new venue


November 2019: We have moved to an exciting new location which provides us with much more space for our training sessions!


Now you can find us in: St Francis Centre, St Francis road, Bristol, BS3 1JP. Nearest bus stop: Greenway Bush Lane on North Street (bus 24).


Check our F.A.Q. page to learn how to get here.

Feel free to contact us on Facebook in case you need further help to find us.