What is Hung Ga?



Hung Ga is a style of Kung Fu. Kung Fu means ''skill gained through hard work'', a concept which applies widely in life.


The roots of our style can be traced back to the Shaolin Temple in Southern China.


Today, we are an international association with headquarters in Guangdong, China, and branches in UK, mainland Europe, USA, and South America.

What will I learn?


Hung Ga is an effective and efficient fighting style, renowned for power. Power is generated through a strong foundation, using body mechanics to your advantage, and through combining the external and internal, using both muscles and breath together. Total body connection is the goal.


As a student, you will learn ''forms'' which are basically sequences of movements. You will learn unarmed fighting techniques, including: strikes, kicks, locks, parries, evasion and sweeps. In addition, you will learn armed fighting techniques which include long weapons (e.g. poles), short weapons (e.g. sword) and double weapons (e.g. two knives). You will practice partner drills and free sparring. Body conditioning will make your muscles, tendons and bones stronger.

All our exercises are rooted in Qi Gong, which means that they will also be good for your health and boost your energy levels. A list of both hand and weapon forms you will learn is given here.

Detailed information about our entire lineage, including a brief bio of each one of our Great Grandmasters, Masters and Sifus, can be found here.